The Doll hair Emporium Kaiser Doll Stand Supplier UK

Kaiser Doll Stands 6 -7"


The Doll Hair Emporium is the European supplier for Kaiser Doll Stands.

These stands are very high quality are metal and sold by the dozen.

To find the right size stand for your doll you use the height of the doll in total e.g Barbie 12". 
​These stands are designed to fit around the waist of the doll (check out the info for tips).

  • Which Stand?


    Buy Barbie or Skipper stands for Sindy (Active Sindy will need Barbie) 2275, 2201, 2299

    Buy 7-8" or 6-7" for Pippa, Dawn and Flower Fairies 1175 , 1101 , 1199

    Buy Betsy Mcall for Daisy and Blythe - 20sm